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Mr. Wilson Pictures Presents:

DeRose – A Biography With Professor DeRose.

Executive Producer Virginia Langhammer.

 Directed by Rob Langhammer.


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Digital Álbum

Digital Álbum The Sound of the Ganges recorded at the Ganges River, at the foothills of the Himalayas, in India. It is the perfect sound for meditation.


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the movie

The documentary tells the story of DeRose, a Brazilian writer and philosopher, who devoted his entire life to teach people how to become better. Today, he has published about 30 books, and is over 50 years teaching the method that bears his name and is practiced by thousands of young people, entrepreneurs and athletes worldwide.


Inspired by his autobiographical book "When you need to Be Strong", the film will tell his path from childhood to the present day and show how DeRose became the man he is today.


This documentary is also a way of telling the stories that are not in the books or mentioned in his courses. It is a way to tell his story to the world, for everyone to be moved with it and hear what he has to say.

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Virginia Barbosa Langhammer


Virginia Barbosa Langhammer is the executive producer. She became a DeRose Method instructor in 2001 and worked directly with DeRose for nearly 10 years, first as his personal assistant and then as business partner in one of his companies. All the time spent working with him provided our producer great knowledge about DeRose's professional and personal life. Virginia brings a huge amount of information into the project, which usually would take months or years of research.



Rob Langhammer is the director of this film. He has been a talented and long experienced director for almost 20 years. First, in his own production company in Brazil, and recently in many independent projects in New York, among them the awarded travel webseries Booker Travels.


Rob got in touch with DeRose and his Method in 2001 and for a long time had dreamed about producing this documentary. Now having already went on a trip to India with DeRose, he found the right moment to make his dream project come true.

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